Who is the woman behind the keyboard, the woman behind the words? I’m Robyn, a thirty-something from down south. In the last three years… I’ve tried as best as I could to deal with COVID, and move out of my ex-partner’s house (leaving behind my dog Teddy and three cats: Romeo, Loki & McStuffins). As well as meeting a new partner – who I absolutely adore. Dealing with several Bipolar episodes due to stress and relapse in not taking my medication.

People who like me would probably tell you I’m funny, sarcastic, and lack a filter. People who don’t would probably tell you I’m a bit of a bellend. Despite my aspirations for “something better” I work nights in a supermarket with great managers and incredible colleagues – Without them, it’s quite possible that I wouldn’t be here typing this now. I can’t imagine working anywhere else… With the exception of Christmas and Easter – Fuck those.

I love all things crime, no problem with sitting watching, or reading all day about it. Especially murder and serial killers. The psychology side of it fascinates me – surprise, surprise. I have a BTEC ND in Forensic Science and a Batchelor’s Degree in Graphic design – which has come in incredibly useful for building this website.

I’m hoping to use this blog not only as an outlet for myself, share experiences and my journey but also to connect with other people, make new friends and help fight the stigma that surrounds mental health.

Disclaimer:  I probably should come with a parental warning but for adults.  I try really hard not to be offensive but chances are if you tend to get offended easily. I’m probably going to offend you. Sorry in advance. Swearing and sarcasm are my modus operandi.