Spilling the tea (or not) – My Ex

This morning, I started writing a post about my ex; the title was “Spilling the tea – the ex”. How the relationship nearly ruined my life. How it very nearly broke me. But it didn’t. I got stronger, my confidence became sky high and I left. I found someone new, someone, that has shown me what a relationship is supposed to be like. I adore him, I can’t imagine my life without him. Maybe that’s the issue for you? That I’ve moved on, I’m happy and your best friend is the dog.  “I OwN mY HoMe aNd HaVe My OwN BuSiNeSS”💩. Keep lying to yourself and the women you’re trying to bang.

I spent all day writing about our relationship, from start to finish. The word count reached 10k I explained every little detail that broke me down to the shell I became. It wasn’t all bad – I tried, to be fair. Sometimes we laughed, we went to new places, we had great meals and you took me for weekends away, we shared some really good times, unfortunately, none of that could outweigh the bad. I wrote about how it affected my mental health, the good, the bad and the downright ugly. I wrote about my faults and yours . But then I realised it was only being written out of spite. I wasn’t upset about the paragraphs of text you sent me, telling me what was wrong with me and how much “YoU DiD FoR mE”💩. I was angry, that you didn’t give me a chance to respond. But, why was I so angry? We both know you’re a liar.  You have a very short memory or a bad one. Maybe you’ve developed dementia or something? Because I can accept fault, I can admit I should have left earlier than I did. I should have left when I stopped caring five years ago. Yet, you can’t seem to accept that you’re an asshole.  You never have been able to though. It’s always someone else’s fault.

I tried to stay civil with you, for the sake of the pets. For the sake of knowing your dad was ok. He was a big part of my life; both your parents were. They were another reason I didn’t leave you sooner. I tried to stay civil even though rumours were being spread to decimate my character. The rumours that were being spread that I cheated. That I ran off with someone that I work with. Wrong, and you know it. We weren’t together and hadn’t been for a year I didn’t “RuN off WiTh SomEoNe I WoRk WiTh”💩.  One more time, for the people at the back. WE WEREN’T TOGETHER FOR A YEAR. We hadn’t been intimate for THREE YEARS. We weren’t even sleeping in the same bed. In fact, it’s kind of hypocritical that you’d say so… Because who was the one with women’s numbers on their phone, saved under men’s names? Who was locking the dog in the van to go to the pub while I was working? Who was walking drunk women home, and “uSinG ThEiR ShOuLdEr To CrY On”💩? Watching dodgy porn and joining dodgy Facebook groups? Clue: It wasn’t me. “Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, I’m begging of you, please take my fucking man away from me” (If you know, you know).

I suspect you have some kind of pent-up anger, jealousy or just straight up small dick syndrome. Maybe it’s a mix of all three? I can almost guarantee that you’re telling any woman that is stupid or desperate enough to go near you… the same shit you spouted to me. “My Ex ChEaTeD On mE, I HaVe TrUst IsSues”💩. That’s how you explained accusing me of cheating at every opportunity or leaving me locked in the house while you went to work, why you stopped me from getting a job because “MeN WoRk ThErE”💩.  Stopped me from having contact with my best friend because “ShE’S A BaD InFluEnCe On YoU”💩. 

Get to fuck with your attention, sympathy-seeking bullshit.  You made me feel sorry for you, you systematically broke down my confidence and my self-esteem. But it’s ok because after the first three years you started to “TrUsT mE”💩.  At the grand age of 24, I was granted some freedom. I went to university; I got that job working nights. I became mouthy, I back chatted, and I stuck up for myself. My full attention wasn’t on you anymore, I no longer rely on your income or you for emotional support. That’s where the problems arose, isn’t it? That I wasn’t taking your shit anymore, I was earning more money than you at my “sHiTTy SuPeRMaRkEt JoB”💩. All I have to say, ladies, is “buyer beware”. You may have great times, you might go to nice restaurants, maybe he’ll take you for a drive in his AuDi💩, maybe you’ll even be lavished with a weekend away. Maybe he’s even actually changed.  Who knows? But I wish you all the luck in the world. Truly.

Boy, Bye. Enjoy your freedom and your chance to “Be Me AgAiN”💩. If spreading rumours and playing the victim makes you feel better about yourself, keep going. It provides some serious entertainment at work, with my friends and family. Do me a favour though, don’t unblock me. Don’t send any more paragraphs of drivel. Angry at this post? Keep pushing me, I’ve got much more to say.  You don’t have much of your life left, so please don’t spend it hating on me. Remember “Hate, hurts the hater more than the hated”.  Kiss the cats and dog for me.

Now that’s out of my system😅…. Time to start cooking dinner.

A thirty something from down south (Cornwall, UK). People who like me tell me I'm funny, sarcastic and have no filter. People who don't would probably say I'm a bit of a bellend. I'll let you make your own mind up.

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